Tutorial: User Friendly Web Processing Services (WPS)-No programming needed

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Bastian Schaeffer, 52North


Spatial Data Infrastructures have evolved from concepts to reality in the last decade. However, they are still focused on data retrieval and visualization. To proceed in the direction of a true Spatial Information Infrastructure, it is evident to take the processing of geodata into account. The OGC Web Processing Service Interface (WPS) is the most promising standard to address geoprocessing in a standardized manner. Several free and open-source WPS implementations exist. However, a common requirement to use most of them is a deep technical knowledge in terms programming or at least low-level configuration in various technical files. User friendly configurations or even out-of-the box usage of a wide variety of Geoprocessing functionality is not supported yet in most cases. This tutorial shows how the 52North WPS can used in a user friendly way without the need for any deep technical knowledge or low-level configuration. After an introduction to the field of Web Based Geoprocessing, it will be shown in a live demonstration:
  • WPS Installation via an Installer
  • Visual selection of WPS processes from a large set of available processes coming from the FOSS GIS packages GRASS, SEXTANTE, ILWIS and R.
  • Execution of Processes via OpenLayers
  • Storage of results in a WMS/WFS
No programming, XML, python or other deeper technical skills needed. Furthermore, it will be shown, how WPS can be visually chained and re-exposed as WPS processes. This will be demonstrated with a real use case from the UNCERTWEB project. A scientific model will be created which also takes uncertainty into account as a future as aspect in Geoprocessing. It will be shown how errors can be propagated through model computations and uncertainties quantified and communicated.


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