Tutorial: Working with GeoScript

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Tim Schaub, OpenGeo
Justin Deoliveira, in affiliation with OpenGeo

GeoScript adds spatial capabilities to dynamic scripting languages. With implementations in Python, JavaScript, Scala, and Groovy, GeoScript provides access to the powerful geospatial data access, processing and rendering functionality of GeoTools. This hands-on tutorial will guide participants through the GeoScript API, with paired exercises in JavaScript and Python covering the following topics: Geoprocessing - This exercise will cover the basics of geoprocessing with GeoScript. We'll cover coordinate reference system transforms, geometry operations, and feature queries. Data Juggling - GeoScript allows you to read and write feature data in a variety of formats. This exercise will cover reading and writing from Shapefiles, converting Shapefiles to PostGIS tables, and processing on the fly while converting formats. Mapping Services - Using a simple web framework in conjunction with GeoScript, it is possible to write custom geospatial services. In these exercises, we'll write a simple Web Mapping Service (OGC WMS), a service to provide access to feature data, and a geoprocessing service. This tutorial is intended for developers with experience in one of the GeoScript languages. Tutorial participants will be able to follow along with the GeoScript exercises on their own machines. All participants will go home with a solid overview of the GeoScript API and an understanding of how it provides simple scripting access to powerful processing, data access, and map rendering functionality.

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