Web-Based Geoprocessing - Quo Vadis?

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Bastian Schaeffer, 52North

Several Vendors have implemented the OGC Web Processing Service specification and made it available as open-source; closed source vendors went the same path; several (research) projects have been conducted and first operational services are available.

But where does this all lead to? Quo Vadis web-based geoprocessing?

This talk reviews current efforts in this direction. In particular, several real world use cases for Geoprocessing on the web by means of standardized web services (i.e. WPS) are collected and shown. The use cases are categorized to identify general vendor-independent WPS application domains. Conceptual and technological gaps are identified on this basis. From a technical point of view, inside is given into the upcoming OGC WPS 2.0 specification.

On this basis, a future vision is outlined with a special regard to open source software for the transition from a desktop driven to a web-based driven Geoprocessing landscape to turn Spatial Data Infrastructures ultimately into real Spatial Information Infrastructures with on-demand and ubiquitous access to Geoprocessing Services and resources.

Speaker Bio: 

Bastian Schaeffer is the 52North Geoprocessing Community lead. He is interested in open standards, interoperability, web services, geoprocessing, cloud computing, scientific workflows and security concepts.

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