WebGL Earth: open source 3D digital globe for web and mobile devices

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Petr Pridal, Klokan Technologies
Petr Sloup

WebGL Earth is an open source software enabling exploration and zooming of a three dimensional virtual globe in any web browser on any platform including mobile devices, thanks to HTML5 WebGL standard.

This presentation demonstrates the capabilities of the project and shows new features: free camera movement, virtual terrain, visualization of custom raster and vector data, and rendering of 3d buildings.

The project is a free software available under standard GPLv3 license. Integration of WebGL Earth core with third-party applications and other open-source projects is possible. The source code is written in JavaScript using the Closure Library. The project is sustained through the support and cooperation of the developer community. We welcome anybody to contribute or just send feedback.

Speaker Bio: 

Petr Pridal is the founder and CEO of Klokan Technologies GmbH. Klokan Technologies is the innovative developer of mapping applications empowering people, companies and institutions to search, publish and enjoy the real value of maps they own.
During the last years Petr has developed many great applications (MapTiler, Georeferencer, Gdal2Tiles, MPlayer OSX) and is actively participating on several open source projects, and presenting his ideas and results on conferences worldwide.
Petr grew up in the Czech Republic and later moved to Switzerland where he lives with his family.

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