What about the commercialisation of Open Source Geospatial Solutions!

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Tech Session
Luc Vaillancourt, Spatialytics

The decision to buy technologies and implement them within their organization is far from being only guided by the functional aspect and the price.

There are a multitude of other factors, more subtle but equally important as functionality and price. In the world of Open Source, it is often a question of interoperability, freedom, community, immediacy, ... but the buyer also needs to be secured with other factors, those he is accustomed to see from the conventional and organized players, reassuring factors.

We will explore these decision factors as well as steps coming before adoption, the ones capable of catching their attention ( = marketing).

The market demand for Geospatial solutions is growing. The offer is therefore expanding. The views of supply and demand will be exposed.

For now, the burden of proof rests on the "offering", from the companies involved in pushing Geospatial Open Source solutions, in order to better communicate and convince the market.

Speaker Bio: 

Luc Vaillancourt is the President of Spatialytics Solutions Inc. (Spatialytics) , a company involved in the Business Intelligence and Geospatial industries, founded in 2009. Luc Vaillancourt founded BALIZ Inc. in 2007, a consulting firm helping organisations to maximize their usage of geospatial technologies and insights obtained from geographic information. BALIZ is now dedicated on publishing BALIZ-MEDIA.com, a French speaking online magazine and a news & blog aggregator covering the Geospatial industry. Luc Vaillancourt founded KOREM Inc. in 1993 and led the growth of this company in the Geospatial industry until 2005. 

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