Where OpenERP meets OSGeo

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Tech Session
Emmanuel Belo, Camptocamp
Eric Lemoine, Camptocamp

OpenERP is suite of open source business applications, combining several distinct open source projects. It provides everything required to set up and customize Enterprise Resource Planning software. Many modules are available, including CRM, Accounting, Point of Sale, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Human Resources, Purchase, Manufacturing, Marketing, Invoicing, and an Application Builder.

On the technical side it includes an ORM, a Workflow engine, report designers, a dashboard designer, a module system, an automated migration engine, and more.

First steps have been taken to add the geographical dimension in the leading open source ERP software:

  1. Geographical information added at the core level using PostGIS;
  2. Web interface extended with OpenLayers;
  3. Interaction between the table views and the map in order to:
  • Display the location of your partners or any other georeferenced information;
  • Generate thematic maps based on the selected/combined/aggregated information from the end user's interaction with the traditional table view of OpenERP.


By adding this new dimension to the core of OpenERP, many new business applications become effortless:

  1. Geographical queries and filters (e.g. list of the last sales made within 10km of a point of sale);
  2. Geo-marketing (e.g. customer areas analysis, direct marketing);
  3. Logistics optimization (e.g. stock location);
  4. Improvement of distribution flows (e.g. find shorter way to deliver customers);
  5. Fleet management (vehicles, boats, etc.);
  6. Dashboards;
  7. Crisis management.


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Geospatial Solutions Division Manager at Camptocamp

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