WorldMap: a GIS web application for collaborative research built on the GeoNode platform

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Tech Session
Matthew Bertrand, Harvard University
Benjamin Lewis


WorldMap is a web-based geographic data exploration system that is built on open source technology.  It is designed to be publicly accessible, simple to use, and rich in content.  Its first implementation in 2008 proved to be an effective solution for integrating dispersed geographic data collections to allow for cross-disciplinary academic research. The Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University has designed a 2nd generation of the system, based on the open source GeoNode platform.  GeoNode brings many functional improvements to WorldMap that facilitate greater scholarly collaboration, such as the ability for users to upload their own geographic data,  control who can view or edit that data, and display the data on customized maps.  WorldMap also adds new functionality of its own, including enhanced search and query capabilities for map layers, PostGIS integration, and additional map creation features.  WorldMap is able to integrate an ever expanding data collection from local and remote sources. It gives users the flexibility to focus on any particular theme on any geographic extent (from the entire world to a city neighborhood), and its interactive tools allow users to discover, combine, and visualize materials from different sources and formats.


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Matt is a GIS Programmer at Harvard University's Center for Geographic Analysis. His main interests include development of web mapping applications and scientific uses of GIS. 

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