WPS Shootout

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Tech Session
Jody Garnett, OSGeo
Gérald Fenoy, GeoLabs SARL

Web Processing Service is one of the hottest new areas of server side development. So hot in fact that that we got in a bit of trouble last year (brawls in the halls, raised voices and a certain lack of fashion sense).

On a more serious note we are really pleased to offer a panel format discussion with leaders from a selection of key web processing service providers.

  • 52N - Bastian Schäffer deegree
  • GeoServer - Andrea Amie
  • GeoTools - Jody Garnett
  • PyWPS - Jachym Cepicky
  • ZOO-project - Gérald Fenoy

Several of the projects have been able to participate in a "wps-shootou" on interoperability. This is a particularly tough subject as each server is responsible both for advertising processes, but also has an opportunity to schedule the work of other servers. Come and see how they all did (or did not!) function.

Web Processing Service offers an opportunity for your organisation to make use of the web not just for data publication; but also for analysis and modeling. WPS offers a great solution allowing GIS to finally be used in a modern service oriented architecture with applications ranging from climate modeling through to simple GIS functionality for web applications.

Attend this talk for an entertaining discussion on the state of play in the wps market today. There will be an opportunity for questions.

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The "execute process" posse has arrived in the west on a mission of peace. In honor of the parlay pistols will remain holstered for the duration of these proceedings. Instead an entertaining and lively discussion will be moderated by a neutral third party.

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