ZOO-Project Status: Past, Present and Future steps

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Tech Session
Gérald Fenoy, GeoLabs SARL
Dr Nicolas Bozon

ZOO-Project is a WPS (Web Processing Service) open source project released in April 2010 under a MIT/X-11 style license . It provides an OGC WPS 1.0.0 compliant developer-friendly framework to create and chain WPS Web services. ZOO-Project is made of three parts:

  • ZOO-Kernel: a server-side C Kernel which makes it possible to manage and chain Web services coded in several programming languages.
  • ZOO-Services : a growing suite of example Web services based on various Open Source libraries such as GDAL/OGR, GRASS7 and integration on independent simulation models coded in Fortran.
  • ZOO-API : A server-side JavaScript API able to call and chain the ZOO Services, which makes the implementation of complex geoprocessing workflows easy.

This presentation first aims to present ZOO-Project along with some common use cases.

The presentation will also highlight improvements that were made since the project inception and the ZOO-Kernel-1.0 release in April 2010. ZOO-Kernel-1.2.0 new features that includes GetStatus service and Session cookies management, as documentation and packaging effort (autotools improvements, Mac Installer, OpenSuse packages...).

Further, a number of sucessful experiments that were carried with new ZOO Services will be described. Indeed, ZOO 1.2 now supports GRASS7 thanks to the Python WPS-bridge, and this significantly extends the ZOO based services with a variety of advanced spatial algortithms. Some other experiments using GDAL and MapServer will be shown as an example of how complex processes can be simply chained and orchestrated using the JavaScript ZOO API.

Another interesting research using ZOO-Kernel Java support on the Cloud will also be described. The grid implementation allows to deploy ZOO-Project on the Sun Grid Engine to run complex GPS pocessing algorithms implemented in goGPS project (www.gogps-project.org).

Finally, the use of GDAL/OGR and GRASS7 ZOO-Services through from both OpenLayers applications and the Quantum GIS WPS Client plugin will be shown.

Speaker Bio: 

Gérald FENOY obtained his Master degree in Computer Science for University of Montpellier II. After graduation he worked in a private company as a developer for Web-GIS application and PostGIS based system integration. He later established his company "Geolabs" in 2006 and has done several projects in France and overseas. He has been actively developing and promoting OSGeo technologies through training workshops and publications. At Geolabs he created the API for OOCMS (OpenOffice Content Management System) which is a powerful document and map production system using OpenOffice UNO server and FOSS4G tools. He is presently working on implementing an Open WPS Platform in C++. His present research interests are distributed geospatial web services, sensor network and cloud computing.

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