Almost 300 abstracts submitted for FOSS4G

We had a great response to the call for abstracts, so we are confident that we will have an excellent program to add to the strong lineup of workshops we've already announced. Altogether we had 289 abstracts submitted. Just to keep the organizers' nerves on edge, most people decided to wait until the last moment to submit! In the last three days we had the following numbers of abstracts submitted:

  • April 13th: 21 (7%)
  • April 14th: 56 (19%)
  • April 15th: 161 (56%)

So a total of 82% of submissions in the last 3 days, 18% in the first two and a half months :).

We had a good geographic spread of submissions, with abstracts coming from 35 countries. Half came from the US and Canada, and half from the rest of the world, which is a nice balance! Here are the leading submitters:

  • United States: 114 (39%)
  • Canada: 33 (11%)
  • Italy: 19 (7%)
  • Germany: 19 (7%)
  • Spain: 13 (4%)
  • Netherlands: 12 (4%)

And here is a simple thematic map from OpenHeatMap showing all the countries with submissions:

Watch this space for details about the community voting process, which will start soon and will provide input to the conference committee on selecting the final program, which will be announced by the end of May.