Integrating Open-Source GIS in a Computerized Blotter System

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Mr Sorvigenaleon Ildefonso, Feati University
Engr Jessie Linn Ablao
Cadatal M.E.
Braceros A.D.
Castillejos C.M.C.
Ocba M.G.I.
Fuentes R.A.P.
Dalogdog R.Z.
Punongbayan A.P.
Reyes M.S.R.
Paringit M.C.R.

Public safety and security is an important issue especially to a growing metropolis such as Manila. With this, information about crimes and its analysis is of great importance not only to the police but as well as the general public. Studies show that there is a high correlation of crime and geography. Unfortunately, the current blotter system of most police precincts overlooks the accurate locations of crime. Integrating a Geographic Information System (GIS) to a blotter system will add a more accurate geographic element to each police report entered.

The system will prove useful in crime analysis and monitoring by providing dynamic crime maps. The use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) will ensure that the cost of the system will be kept to a minimum while still being as functional as proprietary applications.

Speaker Bio: 

Sorvigenaleon R. Ildefonso took up B.S. Geodetic Engineering at Feati University. He is interested in the fields of Geomatics, Remote Sensing and Land Surveying.

Engr. Jessie Linn P. Ablao finished B.S. Geodetic Engineering at the University of the Philippines. He teaches Geodesy, Least Squares Adjustment and GIS.