An Open Source Mapping Application for Hatchery Release Data in the Columbia River Basin

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Lynnae Sutton, Fish Passage Center

The Fish Passage Center (FPC) maintains a hatchery database of anadromous salmonid species released from State, Federal, and Tribal hatcheries in the Columbia River Basin. This database is updated routinely throughout the fish passage season. Over the past year, the location of the hatcheries and the release sites were mapped and an online mapping application was developed to allow the users of this database a spatial view of where hatcheries have released anadromous salmonids throughout the Columbia River Basin since 1979. Additionally, it allows users to map and download real-time release data for the current year. Application users spatially query for and select a specific hatchery and all of the locations where the selected salmonid species have been released by that hatchery. The map zooms to the spatial extent of the selected sites and a table containing the release data is opened and the data are made available for download in several formats. There are other spatial queries available in the application including: selecting release sites and data by watershed, major river or by major river zone. The release data provide regional Salmon Managers with the information needed to assess the current year’s migration of juvenile hatchery fish through the hydrosystem. In addition, the release data have been used to access present and historical production releases, timing and magnitude of salmon runs, population estimates and the proportion of hatchery fish that are tagged or clipped. This presentation / poster describes the development of the hatchery mapping application. The open source software stack used for the FPC Hatchery Mapping Application includes: MapServer, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and p.mapper.

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Lynnae Sutton has a BS in Biology with a certificate in Computer Programming and an MS in Geography from PSU. She currently works as an IT Database Management Specialist/Web Developer for the Fish Passage Center.