The Provincial Information System Using Free and Open Source Software in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Dr Gatot Haryo Pramono, Bakosurtanal
Mr Edwin Hendrayana
Mr Sajatmiko Wibowo

The province of East Kalimantan located in Borneo island is one of the largest province in Indonesia. With an area and population approximately similar to the State of Oregon, the provincial government tries to manage effectively the natural and human resources. A web-based information system is an option to display and share the potency of East Kalimantan province. The purpose of such application is to provide a complete spatial information of East Kalimantan in a web GIS. The users are not only the local government but also prospective investors who are interested in developing the province. Due to the budget limitation, the government decided to choose free and open source software to implement the system. The application is built using PostgreSQL and PostGIS to store the data in the spatial database. The web GIS interface is developed using OpenLayers with the base map from Google Maps. The natural resource and statistical data are displayed as thematic maps and charts. Such data can be downloaded in a spreadsheet format to allow furhther use. As a conclusion, the provincial information system is found to be a useful and effective approach to manage and share spatial information in East Kalimantan.

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I am the head of topographic database division and system designer for web GIS application using free and open source software.