The Beta Version of Git Toolkit for Curricula for GIScience

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Mr Taichi Furuhashi, University of Tokyo
Dr Koichi Kubota

 The Board of Directors of the GIS Association of Japan (GISA) formed a working group to study GIS education curricula on October, 2002.
And in 2009, they completed Geographic Information Science (GIScience) Core Curriculum in Japan. However it means just core information like the item. That succession working group is concentrating on the making of contents now. In addition, we have to make more useful education toolkit for GIScience.

The education of Geographic Information Technology (GIT) is an education method of the application for spatial science. That concept includes many ideas with development, improvement, use case and evaluation as non-Black Box (Open Source) tools. We think that the directionality of the GIT toolkit looks like FOSS4G tools very well.

Especially, the experience of the design and development is indispensable for students of science and engineering.
Last year, we have developed some tools based on GIT toolkit is in our group aiming to help the experience.

In this summer, we will release some tools as beta version, please discuss and help our project for Japanese Students.

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Taichi Furuhashi is president of MAPconcierge Inc, a vice-president of the OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan, a researcher of the center for spatial information science at the university of Tokyo and also a director of OSGeo Japan. He work with a Project of GIScience Core Curriculum in Japan.